Disassembled Containers & Flat Pack Units

The most important feature of modular offices is that they are demounted products. Flat pack cabins and flat-pack offices on the other hand takes it one step further and gives you the freedom to assemble, disassemble, pack and transport easily as a packaged product. Thus, it has taken its place as an indispensable part of the construction industry.

If you do not have a fixed working area and you are constantly changing places, you can get information about the demountable mobil offices by getting help from us. The fact that it can be disassembled and installed manages to draw attention to the fact that the products are very useful and effortless. With a simple effort, you can carry out the transport of mobile offices much easier. With the containers that appear as different products with their increasingly widespread usage area, large companies make their working environments complete by providing both quality and better service to their employees.

Challenge your imagination and create a modular unit. A modular unit that can be disassembled and used in any size according to the area that can be redesigned and installed when desired. You have many reasons to choose demountable modular offices. If we talk about those reasons;

Disassembled mobile offices can be disassembled and reassembled, redesigned. If the disassembled flat pack offices are not to be used after being disassembled, they can be stacked and put away. Another feature is that it takes up very little space. Mounting screws and nuts used in demountable offices is very easy.

Thanks to these structures, which are especially used in construction sites, it is possible to create a visually beautiful and large living space on your construction site. With its useful structure, demountable offices are among the products preferred to create an advanced home layout and especially for those who work in the same area for a long time. For these products, which are shaped according to the sector, you can also look at our visuals on our site and contact us to help you have an idea.

By keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, as ERO Units, we aim to produce demountable flat pack office cabins and modular offices with our quality materials and to keep your satisfaction at the top, and offer the most modern and aesthetic structures.

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