Frequently Asked Questions

One cordless drill, two ladders, socket set, screwdriver are enough. These equipments are not included in the package, they are the responsibility of the customer. Do not forget to comply with occupational health and safety rules.

With the help of cranes, chain hoists or forklift machines, you can hold the upper modules and install them with 2 people.

You can buy one too. However, you can take advantage of the discounted price advantage for truck-based purchases.

We load the product from our factory to the transport vehicle as packaged. It is the customer’s responsibility to unload the product from the vehicle, and a forklift is required for this. However, 4 people can download a single product by removing it piece by piece from its package.

It can be carried in all vehicles with a width of more than 7 ft, a length of more than 8 meters and with sufficient height inside the vehicle.

We provide installation services through our dealers. Contact us for the nearest dealer.

Of course. We can also send it to you as installed. But the shipping fee will be much more expensive.

Yes. You can convert it to the size you want by adding it from the short side or the long side.

You can add an unlimited number of containers from any direction. You can also get information about the subject from our combination facility page.

With many different wall design options, you can easily change the window location, shape, door location and wall color by simply changing the wall.

It is guaranteed for one year against manufacturing and manufacturing faults.

While products in stock are shipped immediately, it may vary according to the production schedule for out-of-stock products. Please ask for information.

It should be solid and in balance. For outdoor use, we recommend making a base from timber, concrete or another material.

There is no limit. As long as it is not deformed, you can disassemble and install it as much as you want. You can check our video for disassembly.

Yes, you should reach out to your local electrician, or we can assist in arranging an electrician for your upgrades. We do not do electrical installation in our site.