Technical Specifications

1) Dimensions

78 inches
93.70 inches
97.63 inches
992.08 lbs
157.48 inches
93.70 inches
97.63 inches
1873.93 lbs
236.22 inches
93.70 inches
97.63 inches
2645.54 lbs

2) Drywalls

In the standard product, the ceiling covering is made with PVC panels. Zinc-coated (galvanized) sinusoidal or trapezoidal corrugated metal roofing sheets are used for the roof covering of all modules. Oriented strand boards (OSB) with a thickness of 18 mm are used for floor coverings. For the carrying capacities specified as Type-2 and Type-3 in the load-bearing table, 18 mm thick plywood (Plywood) is used instead of oriented strand boards. A 2 mm thick PVC flooring (mineflo) with six felts is used as the standard surface coating. Non-standard options such as linoleum and patterned aluminum are also offered when ordering.

3) Cargo Transport

ERO Units containers consist of 4 main components: lower module, walls, upper module and chassis. Standard changes that can be made in the product are made through the components. You can find standard products and options in mass production here.

4) Rust Protection and Paints

Zinc-plated (galvanized) sheets are used on the chassis of the standard product. The average amount of zinc on the sheet surface is 500 gr/m2. The material meets TS EN 10346 quality standards. In addition, upon request, paint chassis production on DKP sheet metal is also available.

Semi-matt texture electrostatic powder paint in RAL 7016 color is applied as standard on the chassis. For the desired product in different colors, you must inform the RAL color code in advance. In addition, rapid, acrylic and epoxy based paint preferences are offered to the buyer.

The standard color for sandwich panel walls is RAL 9002. This color is applied both on the inner surface and on the outer surface. The walls are painted with the roller painting technique during the sandwich panel production. Colors other than RAL 9002 are painted in the workshop with high-resistance acrylic-based paints specially produced for sandwich panel painting. For the desired product in different colors, you must inform the RAL color code in advance.

5) Thermal Insulation

Roof Insulatıon
Sandwich Panel Walls
Polyruthene Sandwich Panels
Window Glasses
Window Glasses
Window Glasses
Standard Double Glazed
4 mm window 12 mm Space

6) Doors and Windows

To achieve the best heating and cooling efficiency, we use 4+11+4 double-glazed PVC windows in our products.

Container doors are steel framed doors. The door leaf is in the same insulation material and pattern as the selected sandwich wall. Door size is 35 inches x 82 inches. Standard doors are semi-matt electrostatic powder painted in RAL 7016 color. Chassis orders in different colors come in the same color as the chassis. Security is provided by cylinder locks.

All doors and windows are shipped mounted on sandwich walls. All the user has to do is attach the wings and arms of the assembled wall that comes out of the package.