ERO Units brings you the very best quality flat pack prefab office cabins and storage solutions combined with good design at a reasonable price. We are ready to supply your requirements, either for your business premises or residential location. We are in your house, construction site or school, whereever you need an extra portable space. 

Our production partner has been a major flat pack cabin supplier since 1996 with a closed factory area of 300.000 square feet. It has started its operations locally and built a successful story as a major player in Europe/Middle East. Our products have been used in many countries for long years with it’s consistent and durable structure. Our aim is to deliver uniquely designed flat pack office and storage containers to our customers within the USA at reasonable prices.

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Our prefabricated portable building units are produced by the hard work of highly skilled engineers and designers.

All the units have the CE mark as the assurance of the quality. Whether you are an individual who needs a single storage container or a company needs several units, we are committed to serve with highest standards and principles.

We pay attention to:

Environment and Sustainability

We promote recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. We appreciate the sustainable production process. We are working with suppliers to reduce the environmental impacts of goods provided.

Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of employees, suppliers, customers and contractors. Maintaining a safe workplace with adequate welfare facilities and providing necessary health and safety equipment are the basics of our principles.

Equality and Diversity Policy

We are an equal opportunity employer. we provide the same opportunities for hiring, advancement and benefits to everyone without discriminating due to protected characteristics like; age, sex / gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity / nationality, religion, disability or medical history. In addition, we will not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying or intimidation, whether engaged in by employees or by outside third parties, such as customers, contractors and suppliers.